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Twisted TF

Welcome to Twisted TF!

Tickle me Devastator Tickle me Devastator

When you poke his lovable little tummy once, he utters, "Haaa haa ha! That tickles!" Press his tummy twice and he says, "Heh heh heh! Hah hah hah haaah! Cease that tickling, human germ!" Press him a third time, and he vibrates uncontrollably and yells, "AHHH HHHAAA HA! HO HO HAA HA! PREPARE FOR EXTERMINATION!" Avalable at your local toy shop for $19.99.

Sleep n Snore Unicron Sleep n snore Unicron

Pull the cord and adorable little Unicron says, "For a time, I considered sparing your wretched planet of Earth. But now... you shall witness... it's DISMEMBERMENT! After I take a nap." and starts to snore. Available where ever toys are sold for $12.99.

Virtual Pet Megatron Virtual Pet Megatron

This new craze has you in control of your own little Megatron. Feed him Energon, play with him, clean up his poo, even take him to the doctor! But watch out, if he gets cranky, he'll start shooting everything in sight! Available at all major retailers for $16.99.

Crazy Curl StarScream Crazy Curls StarScream

Press the button on his back to see his hair magicaly grow! Use the comb and curlers (included) to stylize StarScreams' hair into whatever you want! Replacement hair sold seperately. Available anywhere dolls are sold for $19.99.

Toilet Time Galvatron Toilet Time Galvatron

Sit Galvatron on his toilet, press the button on his back, and watch him tinkle! Then, press the button on the toilet, and watch as the toilet makes odd noises and doesn't flush! Then watch adorable little Galvatron fly into a rage and blast the toilet into a chunk of melted porcelain! Available where ever you can find Transformers for $12.99.

Real Eating Sludge Real Eating Sludge

First put the spoon into the Can of Cherries, then into Sludges' mouth, and watch him gobble it up! Then let him drink from his bottle, and burp him! Then, watch this loveable little tot poo in his daiper! Spoon, Bottle, and Can of Cherries included. Available at your local general store for $24.99.

Beanie Baby Ultra Magnus Ultra Magnus Beanie Baby

This new Beanie is bound to become a new hit. Who could resist his soft little tummy? Or his bean-filled laser blaster (not shown)? The series also includes Shockwave, Unicron, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Hound, and the rare tie-dye Jazz. Get 'em while they're hot! Available whereever Beanie Babies are sold for $7.99.

Chia Pet Unicron Chia Pet Unicron

New from the world of Chia! Chia Pet Unicron! Grows green grass all over his body when you saturate it with water. Guaranteed to grow within two weeks! Sure to become the new craze. Also available but not shown: Chia Pet Starscream, Chia Pet Thundercracker, and Chia Pet Hound. Suggested Retail Price: $12.99.

Holiday Edition Optimus Prime Holiday Edition Optimus Prime

Now, available for a limited time, is the Holiday Edition Optimus Prime! This beautiful hand-painted resin sculpture is a perfect addition to any house during the Christmas season. This wonderous statue even has real-glowing eyes! Sure to become a keepsake for generations to come. MSRP: $59.99

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