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Don't use a calculator, as you're only cheating yourself!

WARNING! If you make a mistake, reload the page, or the quiz will NOT work.

1. This animal is a...
An evil being from another dimension

2. If you were to be bitten by this snake, you would experience...
hallucinations followed by your blodd vessels rupturing
absolutely nothing
a sharp pain in your arm

3. This salamanders color is...

4. Your favorite letter is...

5. A train leaves Dallas at 4:00 ET time, eastbound. The same type of train leaves New York at 5:00 WT time, heading westbound. The New York train is travelling at 50 mph, and the Dallas train is travelling at 60 mph. If both trains stay at the same speed, when will they meet?
The square root of an isoceles triangle plus PI multiplied by 7.225, ET
7:32 ET
How in the world should I know?!
8:16 WT

6. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
20,000 lbs.
40,000 lbs.
Five dollars says the Packers win.
15,000 lbs.

7. The square root of PI is...

8. If you have two apples, and then you eat one, and then you barf it up again, how many apples do you have?
two apples
two mangos
one apple and some barf

9. A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar. What do they do?
Get into a bar fight
get drunk and party till the cows come home
none of the above

10. What are Molotov cocktails made of?
One cup flour, two cups sugar, and a stick of butter
The blood of Mr. Molotov, mixed with gunpowder
A bottle, gasoline, and cloth
Gin and vodka mixed well with a green olive

11.How would you say, Monday, September 1617 in Zorkian?
Monday, September 1617
Moon Day, Supptember 1617
Mud Day, Suspendur 1617

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