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TAESA has two of the largest facilities available on its class in Mexico City and Toluca airports, and it is capable to provide services to third parties.

TAESA is a repair station approved by DGAC-106, (General Direction of Mexican Civil Aviation) and the certificate TQEY148F issued by FAA(Federal Aviation administration), which enables to offer maintenance services not only to its own large commercial jets and corporate planes but to other carriers, goverments offices and operators of corporate planes, aswell.

All maintenance up to "C" and "D" checks are carried out by the airline, not only to large commercial planes but corporate jets and others as well. Work on engines are performed up to "Hot Section". TAESA provides all aspects for maintenance, such as transit, overnight check, avionics, paint shop, upholstery, carpentry, soldering, body work, etc., carried out by professionals trained according US standards.

TAESA is only of the few airlines in Mexico capable to perform up to "D" check on aircraft with more than 12,000 flying hours. TAESA has been approved by the manufacturers to provide maintenance.

By the corporate side we provide maintenance, at Toluca airport, to Learjets, Lockheed Jetsars, Grumman, Falcon, Cessna, Fairchild, Marcel Dassault, Sabreliner, etc.

We have capability to perform works on Helicopters Aerospatiale, Bells, Bolkow, Puma, etc. Helicopters.

In the case of engines we work on Allison, CFM, Garret, Ge, Prait and Whitney, Rolls Royce and Turbomeca, just to name a few.

Our facilities and hangars are ideally located on the orient side of Mexico City International Airport, across of main runways, and adjacent to the General Aviation Terminal.