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THIS PAGE IS GOING UNDER RENOVATION! I am introducing an ALL NEW LOOK to Shockwave's TF Page! While I am constructing it, all of the usual features will work, but some might look a bit weird. THE NEWW LOOK WILL COME ON LINE IN A FEW DAYS. Thanks for your patience!

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More than meets the eyes: This page has just about every TF link I can think of. This place has a lot of stuff and links, and some cool desktop themes.
Megatron's Dominion: Has some instruction books, and the Transformers Picture of the Day.
The Transformers Archive: A lot of cool downloads.
The Hartman Transformers Page : These guys have a ton of Tec-specs, but a lot of waiting time.
The Transformers Movie 10th Anniversary: This page has some cool sounds and pictures.
The Unauthorized Transformers Encyclopedia: Has everything you will want to know about Transformers.
Transformers: The Ruins of Cybertron: A lot of pictures and sounds. (I got my Shockwave pic from here).
Rodimus Prime's Links Page: This page also has a ton of links.
The Teletran3 CyberSite: This place has a ton of stuff available.
James' South Park Page: On a completely unrelated subject, this is my friends South Park web page.
Shockwave's Spacebridge: Another cool web site based on the coolest Transformer around.
The Complete Transformers Listing Page: Whatever you want, find it here.
The Transformers Arena.: Some cool pictures and links.
Transformers: Alias: A ton of stuff, plus rated Transformers links.
The Cybertron Chronicle: A ton of, for a lack of better wording, "neato" sounds.
Ratbat's Mind and the Transformers: The home of the famous TF Top Ten.
The Transformers Toy Tribute Page: A page full of neat stuff.
Joseph's TF Page: Not much now, but it's bound to get better.
Skram's TF Page: Transformers Sounds, Images, Tech Specs, And info on Transformers: The Movie
The TF Chat Site:A chat room for all TF & BW fans.
Lencra's TF Page: Started out as just Transformers, but now contains more info.
The Toy Archive: Contains information and images of tons of toys as well as Transformers.
Transformers Central: Has lots of information and links to other TF Pages.
Prime's Access to the Matrix: Images, links, and some interesting bits of information.
Galdornick's TF Site: Images, sounds, and a wierd TF Section.
Cyclonus' Decepticon Domain: Fanfic, Images, and links.
The Transformers Highway: Fanfic, sounds, links, and tons of TF related info.
Riddler's Site: TF Talk Files for Scorched Earth.
Skystrike's Home Page: Fanfics, sounds,animations,and a femme club!
Menasor's Homepage: A picture gallery and some Menasor video clips.
Thrust's Page: Pictures, MP3's, files, and more.
Trans-Forum Online: Explores various facets of TF and BW from toys to cartoons, plus links!

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Sound Files -All files are in WAV format.

Soundwave -"As you command, Megatron."
Transformation Sound:
Megatron -"Wait, I still function!"
Kup -"You even got rid of a nasty bur in by rotater!"
Hot Rod -"Guns aren't exactly friendly."
Devastator -"Prepare for extermination!" (my favorite line in the movie.)
Kup -"What's that darn fool doing?!"
Krenix -"Arblus, look! It's Unicron!!"
Starscream -"We're not here to frolick, Skywarp, get rid of him!":
Omega Supreme -"Sarcasm... not appreciated."
Optimus Prime -"Incinerating you is of no interest to me."
Grimlock -"Me Grimlock no like you!"
Transition sound:
Goldbug -"Okay, Optimus, what's the plan?"
Unicron -"!!!"
Omega Supreme -"Talk...excessice."
Unicron -"Behold...Galvatron!"
Optimus Prime's Gun:
Ultra Magnus -"Damnit, open!"
Soundwave -"Mayday, mayday..."
Yet another transformation sound
Soundwave -"They must be exterminated."
A very fuzzy beginning to the Transformers Animated Series.
Soundwave -"Their communicators will be made useless..."
Scorponok -"Autobots, DIE!"
Soundwave -"Computer error."
Shockwave -"I must protect Cybertron from all hostile threats!"
Optimus -"Dinobots, destroy Devastator!" Grimlock -"Me Grimlock love challenge!"
Springer -"We've got better things to do tonight than die."
Megatron -"Constructicons, merge for the kill!"
Megatron talking about a superlaser.
Galvatron and Ultra Magnus talking.
Starscream -"How do you feel now, mighty Megatron? Astrotrain, transform and get us out of here!"
The Decepticons arguing over who should be their leader.
Unicron -"For a time, I considered sparing your wretched planet of Cybertron... But now, you shall witness its dismemberment!"

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