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Hit List Instructions - Events

Hit List Events Window
Number Name Function
1 Open Opens a Hit List Events file for editing.
2 Save Saves a Hit List Events file.
3 New Clears the fields. If file has not been saved, asks for confirmation.
4 Convert to Word Document Converts the Hit List information into a Word (.doc) document.
5 Switch to Meeting Switches the current Hit List to Meeting format.
6 Tab Check Opens the Tab Check dialog box, which allows you to see what tabs you have and have't completed.
7 Menu Editor Opens the Menu Editor dialog, which allows you to customize the Company menu.
8 Print Prints the current file. If you have the Cancel Print if Tabs Incomplete option checked, it will notify you of incomplete tabs before printing.
9 Exit Exits Hit List
10 Name Name is a required field.
11 Due The due date of the Hit List.
12 Date The current date. Set to default as your computer's date.
13 Spread Click on the arrow to select one of the options.
14 Menu Arrow Located throughout the program, you can click on these arrows to open a small menu. Select an item from that menu to insert it into the corresponding field.

Hit List File Menu
Number Name Function
1 New Creats a new Hit List file.
2 Open Opens a Hit List Event file.
3 Save Saves a Hit List Event file.
4 Save As Saves a Hit List Event file at a place on the hard drive you select.
5 Print Prints the Hit List.
6 Exit Exits Hit List.

Number Name Function
1 Event If checked, then you are currently in Event mode. If unchecked, click to enter Event mode.
2 Meeting If checked, then you are currently in Meeting mode. If unchecked, click to enter Meeting mode.
3 Cancel Print if Tabs Incomplete If checked and you try to print your document, it will check to see if all the fields are properly filled out. If not, it will notify you and bring up the Tab Check dialog. If they are, it will print.
4 Show Completed Tabs Opens the Tab Check dialog.
5 Company Menu Editor Opens the Company Menu Editor, allowing you to add or edit up to 30 companies for use with the arrow on the General tab.
6 Convert to Word document Converts the Hit List file to a word document.

Number Name Function
1 Red-Green Boxes If the box is red, then you have missed a field. If the box is green, then you have filled out all the fields required. If you have checked Cancel Print if Tabs Incomplete in the options menu, you will not be allowed to print until all the boxes are green. Click on a box to open the corresponding tab.
2 Print Now Prints the hit list.
3 Close Closes the Tab Check.

The Meetings section is the same except for the Day-by-Day Itenerary and the different tabs.

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