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The Bombagotchi Ploy

The Bombagotchi ploy takes advantage of those loveable little cyber-pets, the Tamagotchis. My secret operatives will infiltrate Bandai and Tiger headquarters, the lead makers of Tamagotchis and Gigapets. The will then assasinate the CEOs and take over. They will remain under cover by claiming that the CEOs have become recluses and will never show their faces again. From there, we will make a mailing list of everyone in the world who owns a Tamagotchi or Gigapet, saying that there is a new, free update for their beloved cyber-creatures.

The unsuspecting fools will then head for a designated area to receive their free, new Tamagotchi or Gigapet. We will engineer the devices to have remote controlled, ultra-explosive hardened nitroglyceride, capable of wiping out a complete city block. Of course, we will claim that the large, protruding lump on the unit that is holding the explosives is a storage area for extra RAM, allowing for a sharper screen and more functions.

Once the masses have their beloved Tamagotchis or Gigapets updated, we will speak with the rulers of every country in the world, and set a five minute deadline to surrender the whole world to my forces of doom. If they don't comply, my operatives will press the button, making the Tamagotchis and Gigapets explode simultaneously. Due to the incredibaly large number of the little critters populating the world, the explosions will make city wide craters in all continents and kill millions of people.

If the world leaders decide that I am bluffing, and are destroyed by the mass explosion, then I will simply send my small army of highly armed mercinaries to hunt down the remaining rebels and conquer the remaining population. The world will be mine!!